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Academic Resources
Click on the links below to explore helpful resources.

Reading From A-Z        
his site allows you to download thousands of books, reading lessons, and supporting reading materials to "meet the reading needs of a diverse student population".  Research-based reading resources for differential instruction are also available.

How to Create Reading Games
Link to eHow, a website with information about a variety of topics.  This particular site covers how to create games for students with reading disabilities.  Parents and educators are encouraged to use games to teach reading as a way to "break the monotony" of reading programs and to keep students' interest level at its peak.

Math and Reading Help for Kids
Math and Reading Help for Kids is a directory site that includes hundreds of original articles, tips, and resources on the topic of   children's learning.  Many articles on this site are written to help parents make good decisions about their children's education.  There is also a comprehensive "Just for Kids" section containing articles written for a younger audience.

Handwriting for Kids 
Students are shown in simple steps how to write numbers, letters, and sentences.  If your child is having difficulty writing, lessons and practice sheets are available for reprinting. 

Just Read Families
Just Read, Families! is a summer reading program which provides parents with information about actively reading with their children during the summer months.  Research shows that children who do not continue reading through the summer can lose a month or more of progress made during the school year. By encouraging their children to read, parents are playing a critical role in achieving the goal of having every child reading at or above grade.

Reading Rockets 
Reading Rockets offers a wealth of reading strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help young children learn how to read and read better. Reading resources are available to assist parents, teachers, and other educators in helping struggling readers build  fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

Scholastic offers more than just book fairs!  Resources are available for teachers, parents, students, administrators, and librarians (book clubs, magazines, printables, etc.).  In October, Scholastic launched a new social networking site (You Are What You Read), and now the whole world is talking about books! The site asks users to share their "Bookprint" - the five books that influenced their lives. From there, users can connect with readers all over the world who share a similar Bookprint, "Favorite" other titles they like, and see if they share a Bookprint with any of the 130 participating "Names You Know" - notable names from entertainment, sports, media, publishing, academia, and more.

Speakaboos is an educational resource for the classroom and home.  Award-winning videos teach reading skills, life lessons, and creativity in a fun and safe environment. Each story comes to life with educational worksheets, activities, and games. Speakaboos timeless tales are ideal for kids of any age.  Lesson plans, worksheets, arts and crafts, recipes, interactive coloring pages, flashcards, and games are also available.

Spelling City   
This website provides access to over 42,000 spelling words and customizable sentences, free home pages for teachers and parents to save lists, and customizable sentences for words with multiple meanings (e.g., a scale for weighing, to scale a mountain, the scale on a map).  In addition, users can access educational games (to teach spelling, word meaning, vocabulary, and alphabetical order), newsletters, printable handwriting worksheets for practice with saved lists, teaching resources with lists and lesson plans for teaching high frequency words, compound words, sound-alike words (their, there, they're), contractions, possessives, and more.        After taking an online spelling test, students can print out a report, retake the entire test, or get tested only on the spelling words they got wrong the first time.

Helping With Math
This website offers math worksheets, printable multiplication tables, math charts, multiplication games, and other resources that are easy to use. All resources are free and are formatted for easy printing and are categorized by type and by grade level. (K through 8th Grade)

Kids Discover
Games, activities, and information to get your child interested in Science.

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