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Academic Enrichment Activities & Games
Click on the links below to explore helpful resources.

PBS Kids
This site provides age-appropriate books, games, music & videos, and free PK-12 resources to support learning at home and at school.

Parents can use this site to prepare their children for school, and to support them once they are there.  This website is an "educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children".  Primarily designed for first grade, this website is also useful for Pre-K through second grade.

Fun Brain
This website provides a wide variety of interactive and educational games for children of all ages in a variety of subject areas.

A Game A Day
This site provides a new word game, word search, brainteaser, trivia game, anagram, cryptogram, crossword, and more each weekday.  Students are encouraged to challenge their general knowledge, vocabulary, spelling, memory, concentration, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

Stories To Grow By
This website introduces you to "Whootie Owl" and fairy tales that promote positive ethics.  All stories are free and have been "kid-tested" (warm, funny, exciting, upbeat, and not boring or "preachy").  The stories show kids that holding positive values is a good thing to do, and that people around the world share many of the same concerns.

Enchanted Learning
This site provides printable theme calendars, arts & crafts projects, maps, flags, nursery rhymes, music, dictionaries, activities and much more.

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