Several different methods are used when obtaining information about your child. The school
psychologist first gathers information about your child regarding developmental milestones,
academic and/or behavioral strengths and weaknesses, and supplemental information found in
your child’s cumulative records. After obtaining this information, the school psychologist will
meet with your child during one or more sessions. The school psychologist will establish a
rapport with your child prior to any evaluations to ensure your child’s level of comfort. During
the evaluation session(s), the school psychologist will administer diagnostic tests, which
provide detailed information about specific areas (intelligence, academic skills, learning
processes). These tests are used to determine how well your child performs, where your child
is having difficulty, and what instruction or support is needed to help your child achieve
success. When all tests have been administered, the school psychologist will compile the results
in a written report, which will then be explained to you.

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