Our Approach for Your Child’s Success

Our practice focuses on the special needs and issues faced by children and adolescents. Through comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation, we identify a student’s learning and behavioral strengths and challenges in order to develop and recommend appropriate interventions. Since the school psychologists in our group have experience working within the public school system, we understand the referral and evaluation process for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services. We are also familiar with grade-level curriculum expectations. Additionally, we can serve as consultants or advocates during meetings at your child’s school.

Our Approach to Learning Issues

We begin with an in-depth analysis of your child’s intellectual abilities, academic strengths and challenges, and learning styles. An assessment of your child’s abilities encompasses the functions of the brain that affect learning and performance (e.g., memory, language, attention, ability to organize information, etc.). Using this information, we will assist you and your child in understanding how he or she learns. We will then develop appropriate recommendations and interventions that are easily understood by parents and teachers.

Our Approach to Behavioral Concerns

Our group uses a similar approach for addressing behavioral concerns, whether they are exhibited at home or at school. We work to identify the causes of these concerns, and recommend intervention strategies that are tailored to meet your child’s needs. These strategies provide parents and teachers with a proactive means to minimize problematic behaviors. Interventions can address a variety of concerns (e.g., attention problems, defiance, depression, anxiety, etc.).


“We came to the PsychoEducational Consultant Group seeking answers for our daughter. I had no idea what to expect. Laura and the staff were kind and patient with us. My daughter enjoyed her time there – she didn’t realize she was being evaluated. The follow-up appointment was extremely thorough and professional. I finally felt as though I knew how to help my daughter succeed in school. Laura has been available for all of my questions even after the results of the evaluation. I have taken my daughter’s evaluation from the PsychoEducational Consultant Group to her school as well as medical professionals. On more than one occasion, the comment has been made to me that this was the most thorough evaluation they have ever seen. I highly recommend the PsychoEducational Consultant Group.”


The PsychoEducational Consultant Group (PEC Group) is an impressive team of highly professional and extremely caring individuals.  Whether over the phone or in person, the staff listens carefully and communicates clearly, demonstrating a genuine interest in the child’s well-being and needs. I used them several years ago for my first child and had such a wonderful experience I returned recently with my second child. With each experience, my children have felt at ease, happy and comfortable from the moment they walked into the office until the moment they walked out.  As a teacher and tutor, I refer many parents to The PEC Group.  Every parent has shared; they’ve had an outstanding experience, commenting on the professionalism, knowledge, and individual attention, as well as the thorough feedback provided.  The PsychoEducational Consultant Group is a dedicated team of highly skillful psychologists.  I wholeheartedly recommend them! 

Alison Watson