You may want to talk to your child about the upcoming evaluation. It is recommended that you tell your child that you, along with their teacher(s), are concerned and want to help them do their best. The visit to our office is for us to understand how they learn, and to find ways to help them improve. We recommend that you avoid using words like “test” or “testing”. This can put pressure on a child, and may imply that they will either pass or fail. The comprehensive evaluation process explores your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. It does not include any components that they can “fail”. In addition, there is nothing for your child to study prior to their evaluation. Children are asked to complete activities in which they answer questions, look at pictures, and solve problems or puzzles. Most children enjoy the evaluation process, and leave feeling good about their performance. Please make sure your child has a good night’s rest the evening before, and has eaten appropriately the day of the evaluation. If your child wears glasses or a hearing aid, they will need to wear them during their evaluation.