Executive Functioning

Do you know what the term executive functioning means? Executive functioning, in simpler terms, relates to the brain’s ability to keep us on-task. Executive functioning also reminds us of deadlines and meetings, encourages us to overcome setbacks, etc. Many students struggle in school and everyday life because they do not naturally possess, nor have they been taught, these important skills.     Listed below are some common executive functioning skills: INHIBIT The ability to resist impulses and to block out distractions SHIFT The ability to make transitions, show problem-solving flexibility, alternate attention and to change focus EMOTIONAL CONTROL Managing emotions to complete a task INITIATE Beginning a task and being independent in problem-solving (ability to generate ideas) WORKING MEMORY The ability to hold information to

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Explore www.understood.org

Understood.org is a fabulous website for parents and teachers. It allows you to select your student’s grade level and an area that they are experiencing difficulty with (e.g., reading, writing, math, paying attention, etc.). After you plug in the information, you will watch a short video about a child who has learning and/or attention issues (from their perspective). You’ll then play a simulation game/activity to see how it feels to be “in their shoes”. Finally, an expert will break down what it means for a student who is experiencing difficulties in that area. Explore this website.

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